The Day of

The Day of

Our marriage anniversary.
Before I come to your grave with flowers arranged,
meaningful of the moment and in gratitude,
May I gather strength for the feeling of what this means.
May the light and love of peace shine through us.
May our memory from all of our view points stay sacred and blessed.
With Gratitude, I say to you:
Your presence in my life has established the Profound.
From the child we created together
To the experiences in depths which you allowed me to feel.
From your wisdom of how to live in ways to respect the earth
To the unexpected traumas we created together
   to live, their essence to which I was first blind to.
From then mundane, now poignant, which I can observe in you
   that taught me about being human
To the magnitude of emotions and responses you invoked in me
  to show what I may possess in gold and
  what I must strive for to become better.
In my heart, in all of its layers, You Are.
                                (Yasemin, May 2015)

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