My African French Husband, Racism and Collective Grief – In Memory of George Floyd and All Black Lives

My African French Husband, Racism and Collective Grief In Memory of George Floyd and All Black Lives Yasemin Isler May 31 & Jun 4, 2020 My African born, French raised, husband was stopped more than once by police, both in the USA and in France, for simply driving while black. He was treated differently as a... Continue Reading →

Our Humanity is being reshaped by Coronavirus Disease. Covid-19

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Illness, Death, and Life Our Humanity is being reshaped by Coronavirus Disease. Covid-19 Yasemin Yamodo-Isler March 14, 2020 Cambridge, MA The world is slowing down, for the time being, bringing people closer to their geographical and inner homes. It is time to be vigilant, practice moral obligations to support one another,... Continue Reading →


One thing that is constant is Change. Looking at the faces of the matured young generation, the promise of the creation of their next generation. Looking at the faces of the still little and growing People and their treasured smiles and full hearts. Knowing that I am passing the baton to the next generation, while... Continue Reading →

The Cat … The Breath

Curling up like a cat next to the fire place, Closing eyes like kids hoping for magical christmases. - Taking a break, Letting go of any expecting of me, of you, of anyone and anything. - Allowing each to live a life that means something not to me but to the person who has the... Continue Reading →

Thanks Giving – Giving Thanks

Thanks Giving - Giving Thanks 2018   With Gratitude, wishing everyone to experience that magical state of just being with their loved ones or alone on their own.   The magical state where nothing is elevated or exaggerated nothing is hidden or pushed aside fears do not outplay love tears are not put under the... Continue Reading →


BREATHING IN Yasemin Isler All the angers have left. I am gently Released, to touch the moss on the stone, hear the breeze in the sirens, glimpse into the rainbow in a drop of ocean, feel the love of a tiny bug, smell the tears rolling down a cheek, taste the mist in lavender fields,... Continue Reading →

Day and Night

  This morning, sitting in our comfortable vacation setting that was planned long before the ICE family separations, I sat my son down. I have been balancing what to say and what not to say for a long time, with the intention of allowing a human being to grow up with autonomy, hope, sense of... Continue Reading →

Fathers Day as a Holiday

A one day in a year is created randomly to recognize fathers. Another one mothers. It is enticing to attach to the notion and go along with the flow of this cycle. Momentary celebrations may be beneficial to a degree. On the other hand, when they are put on a pedestal, what does it mean... Continue Reading →

To be truly seen

Perhaps it is time to stop doing all that doesn’t fill a shoe box in significance.   Perhaps the mental illness is one of the society as serious as climate change, subtle and invisible slowly embracing everyone at a different pace. Perhaps it is time to stop everything else that is in motion and sit... Continue Reading →

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