The Cat … The Breath

Curling up like a cat next to the fire place,

Closing eyes like kids hoping for magical christmases.

Taking a break,

Letting go of any expecting

of me, of you, of anyone and anything.

Allowing each to live a life

that means something

not to me

but to the person who has the life given,

No telling “he should”, “she wouldn’t”, “how could they”,

No nudging.

Simply investigating.

No forced gratitudes,

Just acceptance.

No “I wish”es,

Only what is.

Letting magic in only if it’s there.

Releasing emotions when ready to dare.

I am the dog, by the fire place sleeping,

I am the lucky man with a loved one, hugging,

I am the mom over the stove slaving,

I am the book, sitting in a nook, that you’re reading,

I am the homeless on the street corner shivering,


I am the breath that keeps circulating,

I am the seeker who keeps wandering,

I am the mountains towering,

the rivers flowing,

the stars brightly shining,

the fresh snow falling.

I am the cheeks

that get wet when a child tears up,

then dimple when he smiles.

I am the infinite wisdom that catches you as you fall,

when you doubt and wonder,

when you feel there’s no point at all.

You are the me, the we, the totality.

If only you could see clearly.

But tonight, there are no

“You should”s or “could”s,

no “I know better”s and “I have no clue”s.

Just resting,

against the backdrop of a soft music

that plays faithfully:

the humming heartbeat and breath of

each and every

living being.


Yasemin Yamodo-Isler, 2018

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