Yasemin Isler

All the angers have left.

I am gently Released, to

touch the moss on the stone,

hear the breeze in the sirens,

glimpse into the rainbow in a drop of ocean,

feel the love of a tiny bug,

smell the tears rolling down a cheek,

taste the mist in lavender fields,


All the regrets melted away,

I am free to just Be, in order to

feel a heart gently rocking,

listen to silence between the beats,

see the drums rolling for my life,

sense the calm under the waves,

smell all the exhales as I inhale,

taste the wounds that turned into courage.


All the expectations dissolved,

I’ve become Freedom itself, perhaps fleetingly, as

brokenness turned into whole,

questioning became curiosity,

heaviness lightened up.


Taking in

a new breath

a fresh moment

another perspective


Noticing, humbly

There will be anger again; yet it will be welcomed, loved and released.

There will be a slight expecting, if not for me, for whom I love.

There will be shame arising; even in my strength, who knows where I step next.

There will be ‘till my last breath, wandering, opening, closing,

One more experience,

One more dreaming,

One more letting go,

Each moment wrapped in Grace






Until then, the whisper is in my ear;

“It’s all right, Love.




-Yasemin, October 2018



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