Start by looking into yourself from now until forever.

Intend, from your true heart, your life and therefore the entire life around you – people, “countries”, animals, plants, rocks and minerals, animate and inanimate, and for starters The Earth then the rest of the universe – to be all:

        Peaceful.    Safe.   Protected.   Healthy.   Living with Love and Compassion.

Do you need one more thing or experience, because you can have it or you think you need it, or because you are luckier, and more special than some, to enjoy the world? Don’t everyone and everything else? Do you need to prove that you are better, know more, deserve more? If each does the same, more for his/her/its own: how can you not expect Clash?

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to everyone equally.

Stop believing all history books, nationality poems, flags, country borders. Stop telling yourself that this one is different than others. Be in equilibrium with all the billions. Be in tune, from the depth of your soul, with the benevolence to eliminate all the atrocities of human kind to one another and any part of the earth equally, animate or “inanimate”, across all times. It is only ok to treat any other with utmost love, care, respect.

Do not briefly watch the tv news, then ask “why?”, say “enough”/ “please”/”save us”/”we are horrible”/”they are horrible” for a few hours, few days, then bury your head back in the sand for another to solve the problems, or be hopeless for real change, again.

Unless you radically change your life, upside down and inside out, don’t expect around you to be different. If you are pleased with what you have and hold on to it, well, unless you are really living all in your mind in a solipsistic world, it will reach you or your soul’s conscience at a level undeniable, sooner or later.

We have done this many times over and we would get stuck in the rinse, wash, repeat cycle for a long time, only Until we are free of all clutter that is created around us to finally know our true selves, our true beauty, our power, AND everyone else’s, no exceptions.




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