A Fresh Moment

       Wherever we go, we bring ourselves. Our inner peace and our turmoil are both in our luggage. They don’t need packing. Grief’s heaviness, our loved one who died, our lives taking on a new course and meaning, the exhaustion of sadness and resentments, they all travel to the most beautiful locations along with us. They are locked in deep in our psyche and our hearts. 

       There is a choice, even if it feels small at times. We can begin each day and each moment anew, to be in this new life that we reside in. It is true that this may not be what we planned or hoped for. But it is what we have. A deep sigh of letting go, a deep breath in to let some freshness. What our loved one probably wishes most for us, to be OK, to be happy. If being happy is not yet attainable, begin with the breath, one moment at a time. Step into a fresh outdoor space. Take a few steps. One step, one breath, one moment at a time, live the life. If you feel ready, allow it to offer something new, unexpected, even delightful for a moment. You still have your luggage, if you need to unpack it later. Let the fresh new breath, steps, spaces, faces and experiences speak to your heart. That heart which may be yearning for these, deep inside. 


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