The Essence …

…. of a person.

I was asked yesterday about what I miss the most about my husband.


After some convoluted specifics to list, I summarized  “His Essence. I miss his Essence”. And this gentle person’s only comment was “That is Love.”

I Love my dear husband. Now even more than ever. With the knowing that until I learn to travel back in time and help him get healed and be alive again, I am not going to see his physical body filled with life force, in this space and time. Maybe, once earth and its people ascend to the fourth dimension, I will. Yes that may be possible, depending on who you talk with….. I miss his essence.

Does a soul continue its Essence into physical death and beyond? Can there be the essence of his physical self? Even if He doesn’t keep the same eyes, lips, forehead, hands, feet, legs, abdomen, chest, shaved bolding head, shoulders, arms, legs, skin, hips, Smile, what have you, do the brilliance, sense of humor, charm, love for everyone, natural tendency to solve problems, polymath skills carry on?

Do only good parts of the essence or the entirety of it carry? How does one really know: what is a “good” part and what is not.  Why one behaves the way he or she does, without knowing their whole life story.  How about without knowing their many lives stories, how the tapestry got woven, how the soul and the person became to be this Essence.

Can parts of a person’s Essence be really present in their children? It is undeniable how much our son reminds me sometimes of his dad. So then, is the essence not part of the soul but of the physical person who is no longer? I want to believe that it is both: That my son got some cool and lovely traits from his dad to create his own person. And that also my husband has His Essence ever present in his (my husband’s) soul. Maybe, minus the “not so good” parts that he hopefully worked out in this lifetime.  So that in my heart of hearts, when I see him again somewhere in the space and time continuum, I continue to witness his essence in person. Not just as memories that I am now learning to experience as the current option. And maybe the reason my son has some of his traits is because my son’s soul carries them in his own essence, too.

Often times I began to catch myself in the middle of a facial or body expression, a way of saying something, a way of thinking that was not part of me. At that moment, I keep getting this feeling that my husband just merged with me for a few seconds to remind me of himself. So, voila, as I miss his essence, I am present to experience those moments when his essence is present in our son and even in me!

Take care of your precious selves.

Love Light Peace


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