Bigelow of Mt Auburn

Went to the cemetery. Such gorgeousness in nature. Watered the pansies. Put some Hyacinth with intense perfume in the vase of the grave. Reminded myself once again that I will need to have the stone made, carved, with name and some words, to etch an event, in specific time and infinity at once. Then drove by the chapel as usual. I wrote this poem a few weeks ago. Today seems like the day to post it. This is dedicated to the Bigelow Chapel at Mt Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.

   – Bigelow –

Spears of towers reach to sky.

Life’s flower ornamented above the door.

Three benches placed outside

Embraced by softness of pink to adore.


Flowers to remind






As we all are.

One last time

To have our friends

Say “Hello”

and “Good-bye”.



Except for birds,

To continually sing

For Life, of Life,

For Love, of Love.


                                         (Yasemin, 05/11/2015)

IMG_9077 IMG_9084

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