Your Colors

         Your Colors 
If you were a color to sew,
You would crochet my heart 
with a rainbow.
A shimmering Gold
 The heart of an old 
 Whose story is slowly
 being told.
Royal Purple
 of a spring tulip
 If one turns away they
 May miss the moments 
 to enjoy in full
 Lavish and crisp one day 
 Opened up and vanished
 into the earth
 to decay.
Crystal rose
 Such Exquisiteness 
 in your pose
 As you stand to defend 
 Your life
 Which suddenly paused. 
 Like desert sand
 Scattered by storms.
Aquatic blue
 Hidden deep in you
 Whispering the breeze of 
 Turmoiled Oceans 
 Calmly hiding
 Its all knowing waters
 Truer than true.
Mysterious black
 Nothing ever to lack
 The deepness of Love
 With treasures inside
 A faint line inviting one
 To track
 Like a boomerang
 To me the Love comes back.
Deep grass green
 Filling up a scene
 Where nothing is the same
 And Your heart is true and clean.
Purest white
 Feathers so light
 You float into my 
 In such delight.
               Yasemin, June 2015

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