Love, Forever

           Love, Forever

Attunement is at the core;

   Validity is the key;

   Insensitivities, you shall not seek;

   Payment of life’s dues is at your door.


Gemstones are mockups

   of True Love shining upon you.

   Trickling of hope is no longer enough.

   Time to grab life by its heartstrings.


A heart of gold may have been sufficient

   first time around.

   Jewels of rubies

   are now fluttering between your rib cages.


The biggest hope is in fact actuality

   that he whom you think you have lost

   is right by you,

   Shining upon you, beyond your imagination,

   Powders of platinum gold dust,

   holding you in his arms like a gentle feather.

   Love, Forever.


                                         Yasemin, May 8, 2015

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