Grief, Day 450

Stuck in a dream of loss

Wondering where you are,

Curled up by the window

Waiting for birds to arrive

to bring your news

From the cold dry winter sky;

Crippled by yearning

For what this dream doesn’t solve,

A puzzle here waiting to unravel

In another clear realm with doors that revolve

To one another they blend

Like kaleidoscopic symphony,

Yet here in this limited dimension

Hidden unexplained to me;

Desperation takes turns with Hope,

Desire to curl up with moving forward,

Watching my life go up in smoke,

Or move to new life of colorful spoke;

With your presence

Expand my possibilities,

Stir up new beginnings,

Dreams meshed with Realities,

And we in our essence 

Sail to unchartered territories.


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