Wishes in a Turning Wheel

Every new year, every birthday, we present our wishes. We mean these well meaning wishes for everyone, for us, to be so.
Happiness, Love, Peace, Health, Money even. We list them in a simple way or in poem. Long letters, or short texts, Colorful synonyms. Some sound verbatim.

We believe fully, or half heartedly, that someone, something, a greatness, or a mystery, will hear them and deliver magically.

The rest of the year, we get caught in our spinning wheels. Working, working out, donating, buying, dressing, wishing, up and up. Comparing ourselves to others maybe. Reading this and finding the points of how we are special and different or not bothering with comparing maybe. You know how it goes.

Just think of the tragedies in your life, in our globe! Have you really wished a different New Year then? Have you just said the words and continued going through the motions? Have you meant the words, expecting that the Invisible power would just make them so?

And then the dead still died. The sick still got sick. The lost still was lost.

Are we all somehow lost pretending to “live” without living, believing in wishes without believing, blending in rather than figuring out how it’s all really moving? If this is an illusion, what is the meaning?

Then another “year” will come. We will make wishes, receive wishes, hope and expect “this” to be different.

Still, the sick will get sick, The lost will be lost, The dead will die.

It seems like an infinite loop, until we figure out how to be truly free.

If you’d be truly free today, what would You be?



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