“David Bowie” is in each of us

IMG_6011A great artist passes on. We have never met him; still,  some people mourn him as if he were their closest friend. The romantic relationship with loosing someone to (earthly) death, for most people, seems to be elusive. It is one that can be touched from afar, as in the death of a super star, as people flock the social media with their sorrow, shock, tribute, all well meaning thought. They approach death from not first or second or third hand, but from a far away hand. 

Naturally, the nostalgia and souvenirs that such talent of a man have evoked in us are real. The fact remains that we all will die, every day super stars are dying each and every minute. There is a David Bowie in each of us. The wonderful tributes to his special talents can take up the airways and fill our thoughts. In the mean time, each and every person is amazing, the living and especially the ones who died and therefore exude in us the irreversible feelings of loss, stirred with how special they were, shaken with the uniqueness that made them such a gift to us and the world. That is real. You know it only if you have lost someone close.

Being human is often fettered with only the sense of living and not thinking that all of this is temporary, really knowing and feeling it, enough that our every day lives end up reflecting it from the core. We get pauses of events to remind us, then most people naturally switch back to their known routines.

 , until there is another pause, then continue, in a loop.

I wish David Bowie and every individual who died at the same time as he did, everyone else who has lived and died, all who are still living: peace, love and blessings. We are each super stars, all weaving our lives and touching others, in more ways than we can see, to create the tapestry of Life. Each person is special, creative, amazing, in his or her own unique way. Some touch billions in the open, some go unnoticed with a naked eye until the final result may perhaps be visible to all of us.

I suggest this: for each of us to celebrate the amazing qualities that each and every person has, today, before they move through the veil of reality we know to a state of being we call death, while we continue to hold each and every person who has died in our hearts. 


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