RADICAL presence for a few days, at least

I am home with my precious son for one more day of this year. My goal for the next four days before a new year’s hectic life starts again?     Just This:

It will be R A D I C A L:

Spending the entire time with the most important person in my life.
Being grateful for his presence.
Being grateful for what unfolds in front of me.
Being present to the reality that is palpable with my bodily sensations,
Leaving aside the key-strokes that create the relationships of social media.
Shutting down all of my computers for a few days of cleansing.
Letting go of expectations.
Being present to my inner thoughts and reflections.
Being aware of Life and Death.
Hope over Despair,
Possibilities over Road Blocks,
Gratitude for what I still have over what I cannot control.

On New Year’s Eve, as my dear beloved husband, who died from this life too soon for us to compute, would do:
     Opening the windows and raising a toast of the bubbly or red, and
     Shouting the words of love and friendship to those on the street, people near and far.

Sending wishes of love, peace, ease, health, joy to all of You, Yours, and Everyone on this peace of rock in the corner of the Milky Galaxy.

Love, Light, Healings, Blessings,
Dec 30, 2016
Over and Out    IMG_6655



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