We are here

  When catastrophe touches us from near or far, we momentarily take a break and can truly contemplate the meaning of death. Depending on the depth of the grief, the contemplation may remain or take flight again. 

  The truth remains that we each are born and we each will die. 

  Most persons hope that it will be in due time, in some far distant future. 

   Perhaps it may be easier to imagine that it may happen to someone else.

   Perhaps we negotiate with the universe that our loved ones remain safe for a very long time.

   And so many just die each and every day, in many ways, in many ages.

   Shouldn’t we ask ourselves, and often:

   – What is my purpose?

   – How can I serve in the best way possible, to bring forth my true and pure nature, in healing and helpful ways?

   – Have I prepared well to die? 

   – Have I been kind and thoughtful to each person whom I’ve encountered, and done the best that I could to lift up their spirits, to help them, to encourage them, to make them feel good about themselves?

   – Have I done the same for me?

   We are all here, one breath at a time. The air unites us with each other, with our loved ones dead and alive, with our ancestors long gone. Under the same atmosphere. Our energies inter mingle. Our thoughts co-create. Our bodies carry us around, fragile and strong at the same time. Until our last breath, we wake up, day after day. Another chance is given each day to make our living all worth it, to be present for its meaning. This life we live for ourselves, for those we love, for visible and invisible connections we have in this world; perhaps even for a consciousness we may or may not believe in or understand. As we buckle in on the tough days and glow in the support of others, we always have a choice to sit back and become fully present to what is.

   May all beings live with Love, Peace, Compassion, Kindness, Grace and Ease. May we enjoy the lives presented to us with health, safety and connection. May we thrive in our true natures. May we unite beyond the artificial boundaries which are created to divide us and all the more make us yearn for true unity with each other. 

   Many blessings,



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