Election Results, Kids, and a moment of Reflection


In response to “What to tell my kids?”, this is what I told mine yesterday:

– This is a great lesson in life’s unexpectedness;
– We still get out of bed and take care of ourselves;
– We stay kind to ourselves and others;
– We attend to our responsibilities;
– Each one of us is a brilliant, beautiful being that can do wonders;
– We listen to our inner voice and guide and always follow that brilliance;
– If we ever need a boost, we ask someone we love and trust to confirm that we are destined for great, and it is to be achieved.

Life is ever changing, in so many ways, all the time. In our household, we experienced the profound loss of earthly death of our dear husband and dear dad. So it is all relative. One thing that speaks to my heart is that complaining does not solve anything. The situation is what is. Acceptance is liberating, even though hard. It is what one does with the situation in hand that brings the possibilities forth.

Sure, I feel sometimes like we are all stuck in an unsurmountable and impossible place called earthly life. But, we are stuck here, often with the people we absolutely love and adore, by our sides. And our own selves. Greatness comes in small and large packages. May I have the insight to be able to focus on the greatness of each moment, even when hidden.

Sending love and peace to everyone.

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