Bubbles and Ideologies

Soap bubbles


There are many bubbles in this nation; and in this world, too. Some people followed the vastness of them through the night. Some woke up to it this morning. I am not sure how to tell little kids, with such hopes, what happened. I finally told mine that this is a good lesson in the unexpectedness of life. I also know that there is much rejoicing going around elsewhere.

My question is what kind of bubbles people find themselves in, in order to make their decisions; which can alter things in significant ways, even sometimes harming in ways that may take a long time to recover from.

The bubbles of sexism perhaps have thicker walls than racism. The bubbles of being more superior than others is rooted deep. The bubble of fear seems solid and it keeps all the bubbles afloat. Bubbles of not being able to correlate the relationship of everything co-existing and affecting one another are profoundly stubborn.

Some people coexist with each other inside the same bubble living, working, playing, learning. Others do not even know what the person next to them may really be thinking. Ideologies forming out of bubbles can possibly lift up humanity. They also can crush it, in small or big chunks.

This morning, it is hard not to wonder how far an ideology that obviously has been forming in the nation, and the world at large, for a long while, can carry its weight inside its own bubble. How far can a thinking process, that is willing to continue bulldozing all that stands on its way. willingly or unwillingly, go before the ultimate destruction is reached. We indeed continue to live in interesting times.




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