An Invisible String


The thought of our departed loved one watching over us is a comforting thought for some. When the messages come so loud and clear, one wonders how this can be just a coincidence. The more we believe, the more signs keep coming.

This is what happened yesterday at the Dr’s Office:

Me: “Here’s a book you can read while waiting. Your dad got it for you when you were a baby.”

My son starts reading “Hug Time” and the little kitten Jules’ adventures.

Nurse opens the door to call out for the next patient: “Is Jules here? Dr is ready for you. “ I looked at the page my son was on, voila it had Jules.

Jules is not a common name, let alone one named at the Dr’s office at the same time we are, reading about Jules, in the book his late dad got for him before he was born.

Can a message be clearer?

This all happened within 2 minutes. So I thought “just wow!”

We share and notice this world with one another through our five senses. Then the invisible strings from the other side make themselves known to us so uniquely that coincidental explanations become just too weak.

Do you believe in coincidences or something more? Do you have a story to share here?


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