Merry Wishes

Merry wishes, a happy Christmas to those who celebrate and a joyful new year.

Last night was A 3rd Christmas Eve when my husband’s energy surrounded us in a kinda different way. He was in our hearts and minds. I told my son how when he was 3 years old, he watched the entire Polar Express movie in his daddy’s lap, and me sitting next to them holding hands on Christmas Eve. The lights that night in our living room were just right, bright and magical. Love had changed the air’s viscosity into yummy, thick, Presence. The hope for the future was bursting with confidence. There was so much togetherness that night to sprinkle its magic into our memories for the coming years.

And this time, as I was washing the dishes, after fixing up a few things in the kitchen – replacing all the burned ceiling lights to be fully bright again and put a fancy dinner in the oven and on the stove, I just simply felt what is called Christ consciousness. It could have been the Buddha or my mother; though the knowing in the moment said otherwise. He or it was lifting me enough to move through this night with wise energy and grace. My son and I enjoyed our meal, watched TV. He kept embellishing his box fort and creating robots from pieces of things lying around. I kept on thinking I married a genius and our son turned out a genius. I smiled thinking I am lucky that I am blessed with two genius, handsome and adorable men in my life. Love….



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