Perfection in nonjudgmental innocence

Last night I had a dream. In this dream, we were about to be invaded by extra terrestrials. We looked at their immensely tall space ships, lined up on a cliff side far away. They had golden lights and warm toned facades. We awaited the unknown with trepidation. Then they came. We were being taken over by 8-10 year olds! The fear was slowly replaced by curiosity, surprise, relief. They were gentle, whimsical, kind. They painted a dark roof top in color, to add some cheer. They waited from a distance before entering a room so that we could recover from our fears first.
This dream followed a playground discussion with friends yesterday about how and when children begin reacting to racial biases. If left alone without input from adults, we leaned towards the belief that, they would be color blind. Not blind to the nuances of the tones of beige we each carry, with different hues of so many other colors squeezed into the palette that make each one of us. But neutral to any definition, that is always artificially created by the society, for how a physical presentation could possibly make a person.

And that was after a discussion with another friend about how a mother of a colored boy/man feels every time their son is out on the streets.

Gender, “race”, religion, sexual preference or identity, eye color, skin tone, hair texture, income, country. So many ways to create the illusions to divide us. And yet, we are all in unison marching to lives that come out of empty. That return back to empty.

I chose to keep my child grow up neutrally, with love and kindness for everything in the universe, starting with love for himself. As he grows the muscles of compassion, understanding, kindness, innocent yet wise knowing, I hope more children are raised in similar ways. If the society brings forth the illusion of separation, they shall then perhaps have the open heart to question. And they shall have the sustenance to accept only what is pure love for all. All equally.

So, I turn to my dream and thank it for reminding me this. What if we each return back to the pure innocence, whimsy and kindness that we were born with? Yes, children do grow up. I wonder. What would it be like if they may grow up with their open hearts sustained; influenced by the celebration of diversity that this rich earth gives us all?



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