Life Behind the curtains of Minutiae

For one moment, may we follow the breath that gives you life here. 
Life here is one breath at a time.
For those who have 
– loved ones near or somewhere else and safe, healthy
– bodies and minds healthy
– roof over heads
– food in stomachs
– bills paid or close to being paid
– clothes over bodies that are in decent shape
As you 
– feel irate with your personal shopper
– wish you have what the other one is wearing, driving, eating, doing or whatever
– prefer the weather to be sunnier, warmer, rainier, colder
– desire things to be just perfect because you think you know what perfect is
– wish it to be so only this time
Take that next breath and consider:
– Life is what is
– One can embrace it or reflect upon it in order to understand it a little better
– There is a chance that the other person has a lot bigger life event(s) to deal with than the minutiae you ponder
– Complaints beget complaints
– In the stillness lies more treasures and answers than can ever be in the moment to moment desires, tweaks and attachments to the way things should exactly be
Go hug the one you love dearly. 
Even yourself, most importantly.
We are together in this journey.
Let’s help each other see life as it really
Behind the daily minutiae is where Life truly exists.

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