A sprinkle of hope to smooth over the unbearable

  Tomorrow is just another day. When we look out the window, we will not see sparkles of postcards, nor hear distant musical horns. There is much cultural bias towards a certain attitude for bringing in a new year. There are expectations of hope, resolutions and positive vibes that most people succumb to fueling up... Continue Reading →

Merry Wishes

Merry wishes, a happy Christmas to those who celebrate and a joyful new year. Last night was A 3rd Christmas Eve when my husband’s energy surrounded us in a kinda different way. He was in our hearts and minds. I told my son how when he was 3 years old, he watched the entire Polar... Continue Reading →

An Invisible String

  The thought of our departed loved one watching over us is a comforting thought for some. When the messages come so loud and clear, one wonders how this can be just a coincidence. The more we believe, the more signs keep coming. This is what happened yesterday at the Dr’s Office: Me: “Here’s a... Continue Reading →

Surviving Grief and Life

  We survived yesterday. Even though the last words of my son going to bed were "I feel sad because I miss my dad". Even though those were my words, too. Even though we had our share of tears and tensions throughout the day. Even though we kept oscillating between daily minutiae and reflecting on... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Moment

       Wherever we go, we bring ourselves. Our inner peace and our turmoil are both in our luggage. They don't need packing. Grief's heaviness, our loved one who died, our lives taking on a new course and meaning, the exhaustion of sadness and resentments, they all travel to the most beautiful locations along... Continue Reading →

Has The Sun Eclipsed on This Country?

We spent our day at the amazing Heritage Museum and Gardens, to partake in the solar eclipse festivities. Museum advertised that they'd have eclipse glasses for everyone buying a ticket. We arrived mid morning to a 30 minute line and no more glasses. They had 200 pairs and 1800 people showed up. People need to... Continue Reading →


One day, just like that Our beloved is gone from us, in this sense of the world, that we Hold Touch See Feel Hear Taste. And somehow Our beloved continues in our thoughts and memories, imaginations of "how it could have been"s, Amidst the knowing of How a life planned can dismantle in a matter... Continue Reading →

A Self Compassion Note

Just to set the stage. True that this note begins with death and grief. It also gives the hope in the end for one way to help ease the suffering. My goal is to be respectful and not to set expectations or promises. My hope is that we may open a window to possibilities. May... Continue Reading →

Like a dream

       Finally, I had the courage to go back to Paris without my husband. The last time prior was three years ago before he got sick. The hotel that I stayed at with my son had many writings on the walls, ceilings, floors.    This was what was written on the wall of our... Continue Reading →

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