Alone Time of Grief

Grief is a lonely process. This is the overlooked obvious, or so have we been indirectly conditioned in our society. There may be cultures that view death truly as a part of life, that create a more prescriptive understanding and healing for those dying and left behind. Then there are cultures like ours where life... Continue Reading →

RADICAL presence for a few days, at least

I am home with my precious son for one more day of this year. My goal for the next four days before a new year's hectic life starts again?     Just This: It will be R A D I C A L: Spending the entire time with the most important person in my life. Being grateful... Continue Reading →

We are here

     When catastrophe touches us from near or far, we momentarily take a break and can truly contemplate the meaning of death. Depending on the depth of the grief, the contemplation may remain or take flight again.    The truth remains that we each are born and we each will die.    Most persons... Continue Reading →

Bubbles and Ideologies

  There are many bubbles in this nation; and in this world, too. Some people followed the vastness of them through the night. Some woke up to it this morning. I am not sure how to tell little kids, with such hopes, what happened. I finally told mine that this is a good lesson in... Continue Reading →

Encounters with the bereaved

With as much kindness as words on paper or computer screen can reflect, I speak from the heart about that, which perhaps only a person who lost a loved one to eternal departure from this life can understand When a loved one, or anyone, is grieving, please remember: - Grief does not have a time... Continue Reading →

Perfection in nonjudgmental innocence

Last night I had a dream. In this dream, we were about to be invaded by extra terrestrials. We looked at their immensely tall space ships, lined up on a cliff side far away. They had golden lights and warm toned facades. We awaited the unknown with trepidation. Then they came. We were being taken... Continue Reading →

On Fathers Day

  How to embody being, on such a day when many eagerly celebrate? This pondering nudge reminds me of the way of impermanence that our lives create. My son is happy, joyful today, focusing on flying his paper airplanes. He is waiting to go row a boat with me and "bust some moves" on the... Continue Reading →

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