Wisdom of Moderation

In my mind is the image of an elastic band. If we pull it beyond full capacity it eventually breaks. If it is gently yet intently and repeatedly pulled beyond its designed purpose, It may lose some of its elasticity. There is a certain range where it performs its function at its best. Where that... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day, Any Day

Here we are, another year. Another Mother's Day. As we wish each other and all the mothers an obligatory, even if felt from the heart, "Happy Mothers Day" Let's be grateful for everyone and everything still in our lives, each and every day.  Let's remember the children whose mothers did not live to be with them... Continue Reading →

Reshaped glass

I feel that each of us who lost a spouse are like a broken glass. Broken in different ways, pieces, shapes. Once intact and smooth, as we each would wish it would be again, the pieces fit slightly differently; maybe some are so shattered that they leave empty spots. We search for adhesives, glues, tapes... Continue Reading →

“David Bowie” is in each of us

A great artist passes on. We have never met him; still,  some people mourn him as if he were their closest friend. The romantic relationship with loosing someone to (earthly) death, for most people, seems to be elusive. It is one that can be touched from afar, as in the death of a super star, as... Continue Reading →

Wishes in a Turning Wheel

Every new year, every birthday, we present our wishes. We mean these well meaning wishes for everyone, for us, to be so. Happiness, Love, Peace, Health, Money even. We list them in a simple way or in poem. Long letters, or short texts, Colorful synonyms. Some sound verbatim. We believe fully, or half heartedly, that... Continue Reading →

Grief, Day 450

Stuck in a dream of loss Wondering where you are, Curled up by the window Waiting for birds to arrive to bring your news From the cold dry winter sky; Crippled by yearning For what this dream doesn't solve, A puzzle here waiting to unravel In another clear realm with doors that revolve To one... Continue Reading →

This afternoon I attended a Shiva, visiting the home of a friend who buried her husband yesterday. They are Jewish. Before heading over, I looked up this tradition and etiquette. What I observed once I was there, until I left, was pretty much honoring the tradition. The visitors were respectful of the bereaved; they were... Continue Reading →


Start by looking into yourself from now until forever. Intend, from your true heart, your life and therefore the entire life around you - people, "countries", animals, plants, rocks and minerals, animate and inanimate, and for starters The Earth then the rest of the universe - to be all:         Peaceful.  ... Continue Reading →

“A Woman Comes Out of Samadhi”

This is my introduction to Koans, thanks to a few dear teachers. I found the book "The Gateless Gate", by Koun Yamada. Picked a title of a koan that resonated with me. Rather than reading the commentary, I went ahead to reflect on what it means to me, in this space and time. "A Woman... Continue Reading →

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