In the room of my heart

Grief, have tea with me. Sit on the cushions  of the room in my heart next to the stove by the windows. Wrap your mist through my body as I look for many ways to conquer you as a soldier. Grief, have tea with me. Then gently leave, and let me be.      ... Continue Reading →


Like wounded bird, the Griever stands. Shocked. Confused. Lost. Waiting to be held,                           helped,                           mended. The road is full of wounded birds, of Past,     Present,    ... Continue Reading →


Be true to you Truth where due. Fairness is essential to thine own spirit, who watches over you, whispers ever so softly the rules of the game. Tune your heart so its ears can hear.            Yasemin, May 8, 2015

Miracles of June 8th

Miracles. As I was driving on the single car lane of tree studded Memorial drive, paying attention to the road and the audio tape of "My Big Toe", a tree branch over 2m long, with smaller branches hanging off of it, gently as a feather, flew off a tree onto the road in front of... Continue Reading →

Love, Forever

           Love, Forever Attunement is at the core;    Validity is the key;    Insensitivities, you shall not seek;    Payment of life’s dues is at your door.   Gemstones are mockups    of True Love shining upon you.    Trickling of hope is no longer enough.    Time to grab life by its heartstrings.... Continue Reading →

Your Colors

         Your Colors    If you were a color to sew, You would crochet my heart  with a rainbow.   A shimmering Gold  The heart of an old   Soul  Whose story is slowly  being told.   Royal Purple  of a spring tulip  If one turns away they  May miss the moments   to... Continue Reading →

Bigelow of Mt Auburn

Went to the cemetery. Such gorgeousness in nature. Watered the pansies. Put some Hyacinth with intense perfume in the vase of the grave. Reminded myself once again that I will need to have the stone made, carved, with name and some words, to etch an event, in specific time and infinity at once. Then drove... Continue Reading →


A skewed Infinity Love heavy. The rest, to keep the balance. Cloudy judgements in need of cleansing through a quiet promenade behind the veil. Look into the soft hues of stillness Intentionally shaped into fluttering wings that form a magic so subtle it feels as if you were born into it, you can live and... Continue Reading →

The Day of

The Day of Our marriage anniversary.   Before I come to your grave with flowers arranged, meaningful of the moment and in gratitude,   May I gather strength for the feeling of what this means. May the light and love of peace shine through us. May our memory from all of our view points stay... Continue Reading →

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